Discover how to use the Internet to release an avalanche ol local leads to your business!


The Secret Of Recession Reversal – Marketing on the Internet!

For those in the know marketing on the Internet is without a doubt the most effective, cost effective long-term marketing strategy.

marketing on the internetStatistics show that 79% of your customers search online first before looking elsewhere and with a whopping 30% of ALL online search has a location in it e.g. Cape Town attorneys, this is very exciting news for local business because it means you can have that business if you are on found online…

Marketing on the Internet is putting LOCAL business on the first page of Google, are you there?

I say this with all due respect but I am shocked at the poor SEO of most websites in South Africa, most of them are online by accident, not because of a marketing strategy that has been proven globally.

This leaves the opportunity for local business marketing on the Internet wide open and using your common sense and the services of an expert you can quickly dominate the best locations online, raking in the hot leads 24/7.

We use a combination of on and off page SEO, article and video marketing, some social media to give our clients a wide enough footprint on line to dominate their market segment online within the span of 3 to 6 months, the results has been staggering.

It is very sad when business owners brush marketing on the Internet aside because they don’t understand it or they think it is too expensive, they cannot be farther away from the truth.

FACT a properly constructed Internet marketing campaign will have an initial cost and a maintenance cost far below that of traditional media e.g newspapers.

Think about it, you pay once and that website stays there for as long as you maintain that domain. Imagine you do this and then add one page per month, within 5 years your initial website will have grown to over 80 pages advertising your business online, where most customers search. Now compare this with the Yellow pages you did 5 years ago, poof….

According to less than 5% of buyers in the property market comes from traditional media and as much as 4 times as many come from the web, makes you think doesn’t it? Marketing on the Internet is the wise decision.

Have a look at our other marketing strategies we use to make marketing on the Internet so effective.

Using these strategies in your marketing on the Internet gives you major clout online and you will own the first page alongside industry giants with deep marketing pockets.

In fact I can carry on about the merits of marketing on the Internet for hours and until your ears ring but I will let you have a look around and leave you with this, if you don’t get there first your competition is going to grab this opportunity away from you, use this golden window.