Discover how to use the Internet to release an avalanche ol local leads to your business!


Discover the Power of Press Release Marketing!

Google is hungry for fresh news and information, so it loves a Press Release and its spider virtually camps out on Press Release websites.

I’ve had a Press Release appear on the 1st page of Google within hours of submitting it…

There are  1000’s of Press Release websites online. Some of them paid services and some of them free. Some of them allowing keyword rich backlinks in the body and some not.

For those in the know, a Press Release is the quickest way to get quality backlinks to your website…

Backlinks are a vital component of search engine optimization, what we call off-page SEO, and an integral part of your overall marketing strategies.

The reason backlinks are so important is that Google gives credit to your website when it discovers other websites linking to it. It displays relevance to Google. This translates into better rankings for you.

WARNING! Backlink services that blasts your link out all over the web can harm you rather than help. Google hates spam! And that is what many of these services boil down to. They only serve to diminish your credibility.

But backlinks from Press Release websites with high page rank can do wonders to get your website ranked and pushed up if it has stagnated in a spot for some reason.

We write your Press Release for you and submit it to 30 top Press Release website which in turn syndicates it across the web. Call Tonie on 082 594 4897 for more info.