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Internet Marketing done right will set you apart from the competition!

Marketing is not a once off, flash in the pan operation. It gets proven time and again by successful businesses and people in all areas of life. One of my mentors and friend Trevor Chute of the legendary real estate brand “Talk to Trevor” is one such person. He quickly realised the use of an Internet Marketing Consultant.

trevor chute

Talk to Trevor

Consistency is Trevor’s middle name. With a degree in Psychology and work experience in the advertising world he took the property scene in Table View, Parklands by storm and today he’s hard work has paid off.

BUT and this is a BIG BUT, Trevor is more determined than ever to continue, improve and increase on his marketing mix, the very successful marketing strategy that’s seeing him as the no.1 selling estate agent in RE/MAX of Southern Africa, no mean feat.

It’s one of the characteristics that makes him a success, he knows it takes consistent marketing to get the word out, he expects results BUT he’s realistic about the time frames and he’s constantly improving and broadening his marketing foundation.

I heard a statistic a while ago that opened my eyes. It stated that below average estate agents solely rely on leads from their offices, where as average agents will do 2 or 3 additional thing to get leads BUT they found that exceptional estate agent have over 10 areas they get leads from, better get the word out.

I had the privilege to have a quick video interview with Trevor Chute on his Internet marketing campaign and to congratulate him on his achievement.

In the video below we talk about me helping him to move his website from one of the big portals to self-hosting and building his brand as a stand alone business and not one off 100’s. Trevor has always gone for unique…

It is fact Internet Marketing is no longer a maybe, it is a reality and if you want to be successful in the future you WILL have to overcome the obstacles of the learning curve and get into the mix.

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Posted on Feb 14, 2012

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  1. Joe says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I spent many years slowly but surely making sure I had incremental growth in my marketing. Today my company gets thousands of interested parties contacting us every month, and the best of all, it’s all free! I agree wholeheartedly that average brokers sit and wait for business, and often we have been a victim of this. Well done Team Trevor.

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